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workshops & events

designed to connect people with art & nature

Past clients: California Academy of Sciences, City Nature Challenge, Community Environmental Council, League of Women Voters, Zine Pavilion at ALA Annual


Workshop: Zine-making 101

In this workshop, participants learn how zine-making can be an easy, low-pressure way to document (and share) experiences, observations, and ideas, with a particular eye toward stories about nature-connection and climate optimism. Designed especially for zine-and-art beginners.


Workshop: Nature Journaling

In this workshop, participants learn how to start looking a little closer at their world through nature-journaling — no art experience necessary. 


Workshop: Science Storytelling

In this workshop, participants practice audience-first techniques for effective written and video-based science communication. Designed especially for science-and-nature professionals and enthusiasts looking to improve their storytelling skills, especially around community engagement efforts.


Panel curation & moderation

I've curated and moderated panels on topics including natural sciences, museum work, zine collections and community events, and more. 

Have an idea for a workshop or event? Let's make it happen!

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