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& social media


Cross-platform content

strategy & management


Script, film, & edit videos 


Create engaging, unique

short-form content


Produce & host live

virtual programs


Execute long-form, large-scale storytelling projects

1. content strategy

I have several years of experience running thoughtful, engaging, and strategic paid and organic campaigns across all major social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and more). 

Audience research

I bring my background in Design & Interaction to gaining understanding about various unique digital audiences.

Paid social Media

I design and run campaigns across platforms, from building audiences to executing effective image, video, and writing.

custom CalendarS

I've built and managed custom content calendars using a wide variety of softwares (my current go-to is Notion).

2. hosted & interview-based videos

3. short-form content

4. livestream production


The California Academy of Sciences' NightSchool series brings together scientists, artists, creators, and their friends and collaborators. It’s a natural science party, and you’re invited.

5. Long-form Storytelling Projects

From content-creation to project-management, I've worked closely with collaborators to bring large-scale storytelling projects to life across digital and physical platforms.

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