Biology and Design student at UC San Diego interested in intersections between research, graphics, and science communication.

I study General Biology and Cognitive Science with a focus in Design and Interaction at the University of California, San Diego. I aim to bridge science and art, whether through natural illustration, science publications, or museum education. 

I want to better understand how the world works and how people perceive it in order to present educational content in creative ways. At UC San Diego, I work with Saltman Quarterly, the undergraduate-run science communication organization, to produce easily accessible, peer-reviewed biology journals that feature research happening around campus. I also volunteer at the Birch Aquarium and engage with visitors by teaching about coastal ecosystems through the tidepool exhibits. Currently, I’m putting together a podcast that talks about the ocean and the importance of addressing it when talking about ways to live more sustainably.

I have several years of experience with graphics and have done work for various organizations like Saltman Quarterly, KSDT Radio, and the California Academy of Sciences. If you would like to commission graphics or are interested in collaborating, feel free to contact me here. When I'm not designing, I enjoy experimenting with various forms of media like photo, video, and audio.

In my free time, I can be found working in lab, reading, playing violin, or walking my energetic Labrador retriever. Follow my adventures on my blog!