science stories

understanding the zombie disease of the sea

News & Features Writing, Winter 2020

Sea stars have been hit by the ocean’s latest zombie apocalypse. Lesions swell on their bodies, internal organs emerge, and limbs detach.

petri dish to big picture:

how microbes inspire creativity

Self-Editing & Publishing, Spring 2020

Every year, scientists and artists together embark on a quest to create paintings with a rather unorthodox material: microbes.

a seven-armed sea star

Wordy & Nerdy, Spring 2020

Ice-cold water shocked my hand as it breached the shallow tank’s surface. A rainbow of colors glittered up through gentle currents. 

reflections as a student of science communication

Wordy & Nerdy, Fall 2019

Why choose a to tell one story over another? Sometimes it’s interest, sometimes it’s inspiration, and other times it’s intrusion.

dive into Birch Aquarium's annual Whale Fest kickoff

News & Features Writing, Winter 2020

Orca songs echo through the Birch Aquarium as guests flood in for Whale Fest. 

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